Local breweries near Highland Station.

Sip the Best Local Brews Near Our Highlands Apartments

Imagine unwinding with a frosty craft beer right after a hectic day at work or a lengthy lecture. What could possibly top the serenity of your cozy apartment in Louisville’s Highlands? The answer: Being steps away from some of the ‘Ville’s premiere craft breweries. Highland Station isn’t just a place to live; it’s a gateway to Louisville’s vibrant beer scene, with three of the city’s finest breweries within easy walking distance. Each offers a special blend of homegrown beers, lively ambiance, and entertaining activities, promising fun-filled evenings in the heart of the Derby City.

Mile Wide Beer Co. – Brews Flowing as Mighty as the Ohio

An easy 6-minute amble from our apartments in the Highlands leads you to Mile Wide Beer Co. Drawing inspiration from the vast Ohio River, Mile Wide stands out for its ever-flowing, innovative craft beers. Founded by a close-knit group of beer enthusiasts, the brewery has quickly evolved into a staple of Louisville’s beer culture, renowned for both reimagining classic types and introducing new favorites.

The Mile Wide taproom, nestled within a repurposed biscuit factory, showcases 12 ever-changing taps featuring Mile Wide’s seasonal selections alongside beloved staples such as Brabble, Idlewild, and McPoyle. Beyond beer, the taproom offers an array of handcrafted cocktails, spirits, and an impressive Kentucky bourbon selection. A transparent wall gives visitors a peek into the brewery’s heart, where meticulous care brews every pint. Additionally, the taproom houses Noah’s Arcade, complete with dartboards, video games, and pinball for those game night vibes.

Partnering with Mac’s Dough House, Mile Wide recently launched Mac’s at Mile Wide, serving brick oven pizzas, wings, salads, and more. The Potato Rosemary pizza is a must-try, pairing perfectly with a glass of Brabble. With a calendar full of events from silent discos to board games, and the exclusive Mile Wide Club, offering discounts, priority access, and merchandise for an annual membership, Mile Wide promises an unforgettable experience.

Gravely Brewing Co. – A Sanctuary for Beer Enthusiasts

An 8-minute stroll from our Highlands homes leads to Gravely Brewing Co., where craft beer meets craft music. Founded on the dream of opening the world’s first music brewery, Gravely’s ambiance vibrates with the rhythm of their two passions. Offering a diverse range of beer styles complemented by music-inspired names, Gravely ensures a unique experience for all guests. The taproom, adorned with vintage audio equipment, together with their partnership with Mayan Street Food, adds an authentic touch to the sensory experience.

Functioning as both a brewery and an intimate music venue, Gravely hosts a variety of performances, showcasing their dedication to both beer and music. Make sure to peek at their events calendar for upcoming acts and gatherings.

Falls City Beer – Defiant Brewing Excellence

A brief, 15-minute journey on foot brings you to Falls City Beer, a brewery with a rebellious history dating back to 1905. Surviving prohibition and reopening in 2010 to ride the craft beer wave, Falls City has reintroduced its classic brews alongside new favorites. Their taproom, located in the trendy NuLu district, features 12 rotating taps, an outdoor beer garden, and live music, creating the perfect backdrop for enjoying their storied beers. Weekly trivia nights and a regularly updated events calendar keep the good times rolling.

Your Gateway to Louisville’s Premier Brews

Living at Highland Station offers more than just upscale amenities and spacious living spaces; it’s about embracing a lifestyle enriched by Louisville’s lively beer culture. Positioned just steps from the city’s top breweries, our Highlands apartments invite you to explore urban living at its finest. Discover the convenience and joy of staying close to where the heart of the Derby City beats and schedule a tour today.

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