Museums in Louisville.

Explore Louisville’s Cultural and Historical Gems Near Highland Station

Renowned for its vibrant arts, rich culture, and deep-rooted history, Louisville offers an array of experiences just moments from the Highland Station apartments. Nestled in the Louisville Highlands, our residents enjoy prime access to the downtown area, putting them in the perfect spot to discover museums, theaters, historic bourbon distilleries, and more.

For those living in our Highland Louisville apartments, the city unfolds as a playground of historical and cultural wonders. Embark on an adventure to uncover the myriad of experiences Derby City has in store. Here’s a preview of what awaits.

Frazier Kentucky History Museum

Less than 4 miles from Highland Station, the Frazier Kentucky History Museum has evolved from its origins in arms and armor to encompass a broader view of both local and global history since its inception in 2004. Its renowned collection includes over 30,000 toy soldiers, forming one of the world’s largest such collections. The museum’s The Spirit of Kentucky exhibition provides a visual narrative of bourbon’s history and culture. For a comprehensive look at their offerings, check their website.

Muhammed Ali Center

A mere 2.5 miles from our apartments, the Muhammed Ali Center honors the legendary boxer’s life, showcasing exhibitions that exemplify his six core values. With both permanent and temporary displays, it’s a must-visit for fans and history buffs alike. Details on exhibitions and more can be found on their website.

KMAC Museum

The KMAC Museum serves as a bridge between the community and Kentucky’s artistic expressions, offering a glance at a rich variety of art forms, from traditional to contemporary. The museum’s rotating exhibitions ensure there’s always something new to discover. Visit their website for the latest.

Speed Art Museum

Known affectionately as “The Speed,” this museum is a cornerstone of artistic exploration in Kentucky, housing vast collections that span ages and continents. It’s not only the state’s largest art museum but a cultural hub for over 180,000 visitors annually. Explore current exhibitions on their website.

The Urban Bourbon Trail

Embedded in Kentucky’s DNA, bourbon culture comes to life on the Urban Bourbon Trail. It’s a journey through Louisville’s top bourbon bars, each showcasing an extensive selection of bourbon, food, live music, and crafted drinks. Embark on this trail with a passport or app to earn stamps, a Trailblazer t-shirt, and a Citizen of Bourbon Country certificate. Dive deeper on their website.

Actors Theatre

The Actors Theatre pivoted to radio and virtual performances in response to the pandemic, offering a range of plays at a pay-what-you-can rate. For current offerings, visit their website.

Historic Old Louisville Tours

While guided tours pause, the Victorian mansion district of Old Louisville remains open for self-guided exploration. Join in the architectural admiration and round off your visit with local dining options. For more, see the Historic Old Louisville website.

Immerse in the Cultural and Historical Richness Near Highland Station

Our apartments in the Louisville Highlands grant unrivaled access to the state’s finest cultural and historical sites. Discover why making Highland Station your home is a step into the heart of Louisville’s rich heritage.

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