Workout classes near the Highlands.

Energizing Fitness Classes Around our Highlands Abode

For those at our Highlands abode who keep health and fitness in high regard, our 24-hour advanced fitness center is always here for you. However, if you’re in the mood to switch things up, seek additional motivation, or desire expert guidance, an array of exceptional workout classes are available in the vicinity. Discover some of the most engaging studios and fitness experiences near Highland Station.

The Barre Code

Experience the powerful combination of barre, boot camp, and brawl at The Barre Code. Illuminated by neon and fueled by dynamic music, the instructors here will inspire you to exceed your personal best. This women-only studio melds barre and isometric exercises with ever-changing routines, ensuring a fresh challenge every time. Dive deeper into The Barre Code, schedule a class, and more through their official site.

F45 Training

Just a 15-minute journey from our Highlands locale lands you at F45, a gym that’s breaking the mold with its approach. The functional training in their 45-minute classes can help you torch up to 750 calories each visit. The atmosphere is team-oriented, ensuring a supportive vibe as you take on full-body workouts blending circuit and HIIT routines, focused on day-to-day movements. Seize the opportunity for a free trial by visiting the F45 website.

Burn Boot Camp

With Burn Boot Camp, prepare for workouts that challenge and uplift, guiding you toward your fitness objectives and beyond. Elite trainers will inspire you to push past your boundaries, amidst a community that fosters friendships. Every session starts with a warm-up, followed by a unique 45-minute workout, ensuring a novel experience each time. Claim your free pass and discover their holistic approach on the Burn Boot Camp website.

P50 Fitness

Catering from the fitness newbie to the seasoned sportsperson, P50 Fitness lies within a short 7-mile radius from our Highlands residence. Enhance your strength and flexibility on your journey with skilled trainers guiding you. Utilizing the Pilates reformer, tone and fortify your physique like never before. Embark on this transformative journey and book a complimentary class via the P50 Fitness website.

Fitness 19

“Convenience in everyday life shouldn’t overlook your workout regime. Experience accessible, superior fitness facilities right in Louisville, KY at Fitness 19. Our center places a premium on safety and a broad ambit of workout options for all family members. We’re here to facilitate your fitness journey within your community.” Unveil more about their offerings via the Fitness 19 website.

Studio HiiT

A mere 20-minute drive from our Highlands apartments positions you at Studio HiiT, where elevated heart rates and lung capacity meets diverse workout choices – BootCamp or Spin. BootCamp merges HIIT, circuit, and functional training, while Spin churns fun, challenging, and an effective way to spike your cardio health and calorie burn rate, suitable for every fitness stage. Schedule your class at Studio HiiT online.

Realize your health, fitness, and wellness aspirations through these remarkable classes in proximity to Highland Station.

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