Bourbon tasting in Louisville.

Elevate Your Bourbon Expertise at Our Premier Louisville Apartments

Embracing the essence of Kentucky means having a fondness for its signature spirit: bourbon. Fortuitously, our premier residences in the Louisville Highlands are a stone’s throw from a myriad of distilleries, both famed and hidden gems alike. Make your home with us at Highland Station, and embark on a journey to become a bona fide bourbon aficionado.

Discover the array of bourbon distilleries that lie in close proximity to our luxurious Louisville Highlands homes.

Prohibition Craft Spirits – 0.4 Miles

At Prohibition Craft Spirits, the distillery’s concept is inspired not by personal lineage, but by the rich history of its premises and locale. Legends speak of tunnels beneath the establishment, remnants from the Prohibition era, a mere 10-minute jaunt from our Highlands residences. PCS transcends bourbon, offering an assortment of handcrafted spirits including vodka, gin, rum, and tequila.

Embrace the roaring twenties with a themed tour, available daily, culminating in a crafted cocktail at the Prohibition Bar, serving until 4 am.

Angel’s Envy – 1.5 Miles

Angel’s Envy, borne from a father and son’s vision in 2006, came to life with the union of three family generations in 2013. Offering a unique one-hour journey through their bourbon creation process, and concluding with a tasting in The Finishing Room, this family-operated distillery takes great pride in crafting bourbon in small batches of 8 to 12 barrels, ensuring unparalleled quality. Visit any day of the week as detailed on their website.

Rabbit Hole – 1.2 Miles

Literally within walking distance, the Rabbit Hole distillery emerged from a love story that began with bourbon. Utilizing distinct copper stills and barrels with Irish roots, Rabbit Hole distinguishes itself with three bourbon varieties and one rye. Open for visitors every day except Monday.

Copper & Kings – 1.4 Miles

A short distance from Highland Station, Copper & Kings may be known for brandy, but their craft is deeply infused with Kentucky’s bourbon heritage. Through traditional distillation methods and bourbon barrel aging, their brandy acquires unique whiskey-like qualities. Explore their distillery, engage in a bottling experience, or enjoy a drink at their Alexander bar.

Jim Beam – 2 Miles

With over 200 years of history, Jim Beam represents a bourbon legacy spanning seven generations. Known for its sweet and smooth profile, a visit to the Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse offers an immersive experience. Located a mere two miles from our Louisville Highlands residence.

Old Forester – 2.1 Miles

Boasting the title of the First Bottled Bourbon, Old Forester stands as the longest-continuously sold bourbon, a survivor of the Prohibition era. A tour offers insightful revelations into its storied past and distillation techniques.

Evan Williams – 2.4 Miles

As a leading whiskey brand globally, Evan Williams presents seven unique bourbon varieties from its historic Louisville distillery. Open for tours seven days a week.

Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co. – 2.8 Miles

From its early days as Worsham Distilling Company, Peerless Whiskey has evolved using modern technology to perfect its bourbon and rye whiskey. Experience their craft along Whiskey Row, just a hop from our Highlands abode.

Embark on a Bourbon Odyssey Near Our Highlands Apartments

In a locale where bourbon reigns supreme, immerse yourself in Kentucky’s storied bourbon culture. Call Highland Station home and begin your own exploration of the distilleries that have propelled Kentucky bourbon to global acclaim. Plan your visit to our Louisville Highlands apartments and chart your bourbon adventure today.

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