Fitness centers in The Highlands.

6 Premier Fitness Options Near Highland Station Apartments

As the weather turns cooler and outdoor exercises become less appealing, it doesn’t mean it’s time to sideline your fitness ambitions. Fortunately, the vicinity of our Highland apartments boasts an array of gyms, studios, and wellness centers dedicated to keeping your health journey on track. Discover six premium fitness and wellness locales conveniently located near Highland Station.


Orangetheory Fitness

Just a stone’s throw away from Highland Station, Orangetheory Fitness offers a dynamic workout experience aimed at pushing you through five heart rate zones, mixing rowing, cardio, and strength training. The goal? Spending a minimum of 12 minutes in the high-intensity “orange zone” for maximum calorie and fat burn. Sample their energetic classes free of charge and get more info on their website.

Get Fit 24/7

For those with non-traditional schedules, Get Fit 24/7 provides round-the-clock access to their gym facilities. This fitness hub offers reasonable membership rates, top-notch gym equipment, personalized coaching, and comprehensive health plans. Delve into the details or arrange a visit via their online portal.

Louisville Strength and Endurance

Understanding that recovery is pivotal in any fitness regimen, Louisville Strength and Endurance specializes in massage therapy alongside offering personal training and yoga. From hot stone to sports massages, they provide an assortment of treatments to relieve muscular stress. Discover their variety of services here.


Embark on a mission to “Set goals. Shred Them” with Shred415, where workouts are segmented into four 15-minute intervals, alternating between cardio on a treadmill and strength exercises. Tailor your workout to your fitness level with adjustable weights and speeds while being motivated by an energetic coach. Take advantage of a complimentary first class and view their schedule on the Shred415 homepage.

GRIT Fitness

At GRIT Fitness, shape your workout routine to suit your individual pace and timetable, supported by a vibrant fitness community. Offering a blend of group classes, semi-private training, and personal sessions, GRIT embraces various fitness methodologies from strength and cardio to stretching and recovery. Get started with a 30-day trial, join their community, and explore more on their website.

Planet Fitness

Just a brief drive from Highland Station, the nationally recognized Planet Fitness promises top-tier fitness solutions at surprisingly affordable rates. This spacious center is equipped with the latest cardio and strength training gear, providing an inclusive atmosphere famously known as the “Judgment Free Zone.” For details on memberships, head to their official site.


Living at Highland Station means you’re never far from an opportunity to pursue your fitness ambitions, with both on-site amenities and surrounding fitness establishments. Visit Highland Station to explore our living spaces and get closer to achieving your health goals.

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